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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Been with burningicez for close to 6 years or so. And he has never once failed me with withdrawals or prompt replies for any problems with account.

I’ve been meaning to write a review in the past but time got the better side of me. However, today’s episode made me realise how efficient he is with his account management.

I hit a multi parlay just last night. And payout was close to 19k. Once the account cleared, I dropped him a text requesting withdrawl of 15k @1150am.
By 1230pm, literally less than an hour, stated amount had been credited into my designated banks.
This is just the most recent incident. In the past, the longest he has taken is probably about less than 2 hours for amount to be credited.

Besides the payout bit, burningicez has been attentive to whatever queries I have had in the past. Be it account related or any questions I might have had.

Thank you for doing what you do at an exceptional level.
Keep that high level up.

To another 6 more years and beyond then 🍻
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Burningicez is bloody dependable. Won another parlay after many months and a bigger amount as well.
Informed him about the amount withdrawal and within an hour or so, it was all deposited in my accounts.
I have attached ss of parlay win. And I withdrew quite a chunk of it.
Thought it might take till late afternoon. But within an hour of informing him?
That’s efficiency at its finest.
Thank you and keep up the good work, bud!
BuRnInGiCeZ honest and trustworthy brother!!

i have $523 in my account sitting since September last year. He message me to ask if I have difficulty accessing my account and went on to inform I have $523 lying inside which I totally forgot. Mad respect for him that no other agent would!