[Recommended] BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS


The last time i won S$10k, he personally drive down to my place to hand me the money on settlement day.
More than that amount? i have not win before, so i don't know.
FYI, i give 100% deposit to him.
No happy with the terms, don't open account with him lor

user888 12/10/2010

I have deal with bro burningicez before. Very steady and reliable agent!

DavidShao 15/10/2010
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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Bro, you are right! When he ask me for 50% deposit and verification. I reject him straight away! KNN! Where got such things! He gives me another option. 100% deposit without verification! Guess what i told him? ONZ!
Bro, deposit is one thing, getting ur winnings is another. I can tell you. His payment is fucking prompt. Just my experience with him......

user888 26/01/2011

Look no further...Bro Burningicez is your right choice if u are looking for an acc...tested n proven...no horse run

welk 07/03/2011

Bro, we have to understand bookies/agents have to protect themselves considering the trades they are in so dun think they are able to reveal their particulars to us...
If u are really looking for an acc, i do can vouch for bro Burningicez cos i have transacted with him b4.

welk 22/03/2011

Can also vouch your hands and legs too. Just Joking. I never have prob with Icez.

Hardnuts 25/03/2011

Reliable Agent. Prompt reply. Worth following. All the best bro...Huat Ar.

delsol 01/04/2011

Definitely a brand name you can trust

glorious troy 03/04/2011

I strongly recommend Bro BurningIcez. Fast payout of winnings on settlement day. Can request delay 1 or 2 days when punters lose. Reliable Agent. Keep it up! Huat!!!!

delsol 25/04/2011

You sure boh? He runs players' money? Let me check whether the money he passed to me last night are Real Notes or Hell Notes. Wakakaka.....

user888 31/05/2011

No he didn't. He very steady guy. I have won $5k from him last week and he transferred the money on the settlement day itself and before 8pm.

sliperry 31/05/2011

bro icez, good job, just collected money from him only, guys if wan play play with him. reliable. trust me..

bleach87 13/06/2011

Probably the best agent I ever played with. Very quick replies, very prompt payments. All the best BurningIcez!

Slashslithers 24/08/2011

Bro BurningIcez I deal with him for quite some time liao. Very steady and very responsive guy. Payout do swee swee before 8pm on every Monday no matter how big the amount.
Bro Icez, all the best! HUAT more la!!!

SaSazzz 01/10/2011

Well done Icez! Looks like you have created another revolution.

Hardnuts 18/10/2011

A vote of confidence for Burningicez
I recently opened an account with Bro burningicez and I won from his plate. On settlement day, he xfer me even before 6pm my winnings!
He is the better agents around and his actions is comparable to those agents ten years ago when mobile betting came about. Fast and reliable.
To anyone who wanna bet and has no plate, pls look no further and contact bro burningicez. He is like sgpools but without licence lar! hahaha!
Brief Stats
Ease of opening account: 10/10
Depositing to account: 9/10 ( cos i have to walk to atm haha)
Settlement of winnings: 20/10 (settle 3 hours before deadline!)
Overall BFE (Bookie Friend Exp): 10/10

MaiChopLao 01/11/2011

I opened accounts frm bro burningicez and everything has been all smooth. Deposit or topping up credit are easy. Also he is easily contactable, this is very important.
Settlement day like others said he transfer very fast one!! definitely one of the better agents around..

zerozaber2 08/11/2011

burningicez 通过和他合作,发现人很可靠,结账速度又快,而且我有什么疑问,他会很快回复我,我很幸运能够认识他。如果 你们正在寻找足球经纪人,一定要找他,他是最适合的人选

celine85 14/11/2011

I can say burningicez is really steady... Im on e down side and lost consecutive for few weeks... last payment Im stucked and burningicez is very steady to nego with me.. no f words and no pressure... I deal with him before so I believe he's not e kind to put f words in his mouth... rather Im really impress by his actions to nego with ppl whom really down on luck and have stucked... believe there are more bros outside same thinking as me..
P.s. its my 2cents thoughts

justdatsimple04 15/11/2011

U are by far one of the most punctual agent i have encountered. As early as 9 am in the morning u call me personally to make arrangement for payment. i remember once i placed a wrong bet u even help me out. i have to give it to u bro.
The ways to winning is nv scare losing. u r the man la.

Royvon 18/11/2011

I had been dealing with Burning Ice since May. I have long forgotten my old account, so i resort to creating a new acc bcos i have some words to say.
I have been placing 100% full deposit every week ard $800+ with him and been losing every week except on few settlements. I managed to win him last week and his payment is damn punctual, 12plus pm he already sms me and i got my winnings at ard 2 plus!
to all bros out there, burning ice is the agent u all can look for. payment is prompt if u win. he is a reliable agent if not there wont be so many good comments abt him. i think he shd be an established agent as he has been doing here for quite long, last week finally broke my losing streak, so from now on, i will strive to win every week, muhaha...

WilsonRaj83 30/11/2011

one word for burningicez... trustworthy.he really does a good service. When you deposit, he credits your money without any delay in to your account. And if i have winnings to collect, he settles it without any delay as well.

zoolander7 13/12/2011

yup, i like the way he credit the money fast. everytime within half an hour he will credit to me. to add on, his payment is prompt. last week won him some. he called me at 12plus, say that i never call him at 11am plus. i starting scare bcos he never told me that mus call him. but in the end his payment b4 3pm came in!! a very swee agent.
those bros who wan complain agents run u all, i think u all mus think first whether u all in the first place a full deposit anot. some actually no money but still wan bet, then if lose sure run, win wan get money.
tell me place full deposit before betting with Ice each week, i sure on. other agents i sure dont dare.

WilsonRaj 15/12/2011

a very steady bro here. contact him monday to settle winnings. everything settle by 830pm...even deliver to door step. where to find such trust worthy bro....appreciate your help bro BurningIcez....paiseh to make you travel so far....

pheon 22/12/2011
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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

BURNINGICE will never cheat people i am his leg, deal with him many times already all swee swee win $500 get before 6pm no delay all zhunzhun. he do so swee no point cheat ur $250. and BURNINGICE got good signboard in SBF read all past post and u will know, i started SBF nt long ago, den read a lot thread endup decided to go for BURNINGICE till now never regret a single cent HUAT AR ALL

izhamyouhard 13/02/2012

To all bros who wanna get betting account.. Bro Burning icez is the reliable choice.. Everything u need for is done in the shortest timing.. Settlement will confirm before 8 on every Monday.. Really ( pretty pretty no run water!!)

leedez 02/04/2012

agree... damn steady agent in SBF~! confirm no run road even you win 10K... Personally try and confirm~!

raidz70 04/04/2012

My complaint is you are very efficient! More efficient that even our civil servants! You should be our minister haha.
Oshkosh 03/05/2012

I have been betting with BurningIcez for a few months on and off. He always respond my sms very fast and no delay in deposit or withdrawal. I even have ad-hoc request in the middle of the week asking him to top-up my betting account, never complain never delay, 15 mins after i transfer, i see my balance topped-up. Very good service and trustable agent!

dik2002 14/05/2012

I have been betting with him for the past 8 months.
Winnings always in on Monday before 6pm though he mentioned that payment will be in before 8pm. Sometimes I even received the payment in the afternoon.
Apart from that, when u top up, top up is also fast cos sometimes when u spot a game u wanna fight, he will top up fast enough for u if he is free.
Thumb up for him la cos till date no problem with him at all.. Hassle free..
Give what free credit, what everyday withdrawal at no charge, etc.. I don't need all these la.. just need a reliable agent can already and there is non other than burning ice.. Cheers! No offence to other agents for the statement I made above.. =)

astroboy1982 10/07/2012

As usual.. Payment in before 3pm.. Thumbs up for bro ice.. No horse run..

astroboy1982 06/08/2012

So far burningice ok ley.. sms will reply within 10mins unless he go jogging lor.. transfer $ within 15mins account top up.. watch out Simi?

Knightfall 20/10/2012

Been with bro ice for a few months now and everything is good except that I deposit more than withdrawals.
Bro ice, just pop by to give you a upzz!!
Any bro who need an Acc, bro ice is then guy!
Update of credit is quick, withdrawals never fail.
Cheers bro

Newbie88 31/10/2012
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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

A very reliable agent! Highly reccomended. Cheers!

2-Nights-In-Bangkok 02/03/2013

All good customer relationship services should always be complemented.
Ice is no exception of this, he is a guy who is sharp and always put service before business. After leaving my contact through pm, he sms me detailing all the rules and procedures in opening an account. After agreeing to make a deposit in the evening, he immediately set up the account without credit in it for me to see the platform.
Deposit was swift, after I made the deposit, I text him and he reply within 10 minutes done bro good luck. Withdrawal was as smooth too, after less then two hours of texting him detailing the withdrawal request he will text me that the money is in my bank account already.
I definitely will introduce and promote him to my friends.

Aussieman 02/03/2013

Been with bro Icez for quite some times now and his service is still top notch.
Be it for the top up or the withdrawal, his actions is faster than expected.
So far, he's the man and whatever he does is always of the highest quality..
Need an Acc? Need a reliable agent? Look no further than him!!
Keep up the job bro!! You da man!!!

Newbie88 09/03/2013

going the extra mile to explain the terms and conditions although repeatedly asking, doing all he can to make the withdrawal and transactions smooth and crediting the top up amount to the account really fast. awesome service mr.ice! and not forgetting how polite he is. cheers!

badb0io7 11/03/2013

burningicez is a very steady and reliable agent.Be it topup or withdrawal,he always do it quick and efficient.betting with him puts your mind at ease.If you are looking for a soccer agent ,look no more further.he's the man!!!Cheers
Dont know where to post a FR for Bro Icez but here's one.
A very prompt and good agent I must say. Fast topup and fast withdrawal. Guys whose looking for an agent to start with, would highly recommend BurningIcez bro! cheers!

softer 22/03/2013

thumbs up for bro icez. Very customer oriented. Got chance become MP must support hor..

wantzen 18/05/2013

All these are just one of the many possible things 1 could say about Mr.Burning Icez here. Quite possibly the best agent in terms of transaction timings as winnings are credited as early as 12pm or no later than 3pm. Many a times, i have troubled him by topping up at ungodly hours and yet he still entertains my phonecalls and texts even if its a $100 top up. need i say anymore about this agent here?
just to add on, his odds structure and max bet provided are amongst the best for even a $100 top up allows up to 2k max bet and there are no dumb restrictions like having to top up $5k or $10k to have a max bet of 2000.
Just to reiterate my points earlier to which 1 should open an account with him. Here are a few of the reasons.
1) Transaction timings are AWESOME. winnings credited between a window frame of 12pm to 3pm. TOP UPs accomodated til late night though i try not to keep him awake or disturb his sleep either.
2) Great agent-player relationship. theres no reason for mr.burning icezz to do any kind of explanations or be answering too many queries as long as he does his job but still he goes the extra mile in keeping the relationship professional yet treating his player like his friend.
and savinggg the best for the last.......
3) HE IS REALLY EFFICIENT AND SINCERE IN DOING WHAT HE DOES. should you want to top up 10k, have no 2nd thoughts as to whether your amount will be credited as he will honour his word and the credits will be in the account within no time and likewise should you win 10k, the above mentioned applies.
ALL IN ALL, 3 cheers for Mr.BurningIcezz here and i hope when a player considers opening an account, they should look no further than Mr.BurningIcezz here.!

badb0io7 09/06/2013

Fast and efficient, reliable and trustworthy. These are the words to describe reputable burning ice.

rilakuma 14/08/2013

to try out bro burningicez!
I was hesitant to open an account with him initially as I saw there was a complaint against him?! But I thought to myself, why would an agent leave the negative thread there if he has something to hide. Going along this line, I dropped him a pm and decide to 'test water'..
Bro Burningicez replied within 30 mins, and explained the terms to me very clearly, and I decided to start it out with him that night. Deposit was done, and account was created swiftly in the next 15 mins. I started playing and thankfully, lady luck was on my side
Next day, next test...how will he react to my request for withdrawal? Texted him in the morning with the amt to withdraw, and TO MY SURPRISE an acknowledgement was sent to me in less than 5 min "Bro, text you later when done". Wow, not bad, that put me at ease for the rest of the morning, woohoo~. As the payment window is between 12 - 3, I wasn't expecting any news until much later. Was about to go for lunch when I received his text at 12.04pm "Done". Wah, that was fast
The next day was the same, texted him for withdrawal (this time i purposely do it earlier), acknowledgement was sent to me again within 5 mins! This time before I can go for lunch, he text me at 12 noon sharp "winner08: bro, $xxxx done, please check" This time i am really convinced bro burningicez really takes care of his clients, please keep up the good job!
Personal opinion of bro burningicez: humble and easy to communicate; response is top notch; goes a long way to explain things to me (judging from his sms which can be quite extensive - very long paragraph); trustworthy and reliable - he sticks to his own rules to payout on time!
I would recommend him to any bros starting to look for or try out different agents. This is one trustworthy chap here! Please keep this up bro!
(p.s. tomorrow cash out once more )

Winner08 04/09/2013

Up for the day. Every withdrawal still very prompt! My personal experience, if submit request before 11am. By 12.10 payment will be in. Within 10 mins from the start of the payment window. Thumbs up!

Winner08 11/09/2013

I have been with bro burningicez for more than 6 months and I can say that his service is among the best you can ever find here.
Top up and withdrawal is very fast. even I withdraw my profit everyday, bro burningicez transfer to my bank account promptly.
Keep up the good work bro!
Huat Ah!

tommy 28/10/2013
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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Burningicez does settlement on the day itself.
No problem with getting your money.
Top up always within 10mins after SMS.
Worthy to play with
Here's your fr bro,cheers!

Jasonloc 25/01/2014

Here my experience with burningicez
Been betting with him for years now.
Recently there's a incident that make me realize he is the best agent in SBF
I deposit 1000 with burningicez. Win him and I next day msg him for withdrawal. Gt my winning very fast. But after withdrawal straight lose 1k to him liao so no choice deposit another 1k. But I was credited 1k only instead of the extra 10 percent as stated. At that point of time I was like nvm since I win him few k. No 10 percent also can. But that day damn suay. Lose the 1k at night lazy go out trf again. So I randomly text burningicez telling him that he nv add the 10 percent for me. Possible to add it now. And he text mi within 5mins and say done.
Jus wondering how many agent out there would do the same as what burningicez did.
In my opinion he is the best agent in SBF

JeremyLiao 21/03/2014

Msged him at 12.55 for withdrawal.
Got an acknowledgement message for withdrawal instantly.
At 1.05, got another msg. Money in account.
Nice and fast. Can try him.

pitless 12/04/2014

To anyone who wish to open account I strongly recommend Burningicez to you.
He's 100% reliable, top up and withdraw with no problem. I've not changed any agent since I started with him (check last posting).
To all bros and sis looking for reliable agent, look no further. He'll be the right one for you.

Winner08 09/07/2014
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Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Bro! Congrats to your new opening! Fellow punters, this is one agent you guys should engage with. Many years in the market. Very strong and steady. Put money take money. Just 2 months ago I striked 4D $50k under his hand. Within 2 hours after the result is out, money inside my cabinet leow. Cold hard $50,000 cashn! :p After so many years, his service is still tip top no horse run!

user69 22/10/2014
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Had some dispute over withdrawal but it all turns out well after everything was cleared.

withdrew 2000+ and he delivered.

Pls beware burningice withdrawal now is 12pm

jake1 30/10/2014
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

had got my winning from yesterday within an hour.

can trust.
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Have betted with burning for almost 2yrs now. No problem whatsoever withdrawal was always on time, provide late top up services up to 130am. Even more reliable then real life agents. Thumbs up for his great service.
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

BuRnInGiCeZ I have been playing on his side for 4 years now. Always on the ball replying fast top up fast. Polite & friendly u can ask anything if u have any doubts he'll have the patience to reply u. Payment wise is always very on time too never ever DRAG. Cheers bro hope ure biz will huat huat more
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Just started with burningicez, fast and efficicent service! thanks
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

Several months with Burningicez and he is still keeping up to a remarkable standard. As compared to some other agents, he is able to provide you a good sense of security in terms of getting your winnings. Top up and withdrawal are all within reasonable timeframe. Man of his words, promise and deliver, no fancy tricks. Many years in this business and solid as rock. This is an agent that worth you guys to explore.
Re: BuRnInGiCeZ SeRvIcE RePoRtS By ClIeNtS

BuRnInGiCeZ is the best top agent i can say in all... what he promised he really delivered . if i drive i want to drive BMW. IF I PUNT SOCCER i would love BuRnInGiCeZ to be my agent!!!!!!!!!!( BMW = BuRnInGiCeZ) PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BuRnInGiCeZ NO HORSE RUN!!!!!!!!!! VBuRnInGiCeZ IS LIKE BARCELONA THE GIANT IN soccer industry. way to go BuRnInGiCeZ....salute!!!!!!!! with you its not only about my money is safe your service is outstanding!!!!!!