Beware of unauthorize agent !!!


Hi all, recently there are quite a number of cases whereby some unauthorize agents pestering our members through PM enticing them with high bonus and ridiculous benefits. I would like to to seek everyone's attention to be cautious about these people. They are always lurking around to prey on our forumers here. To make this a better place for all, I would encourage all to report such cases to me through PM. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Thanks and wish you all a good day!
Re: Beware of unauthorize agent !!!

Yes be very careful of your dealings with many so called agents! I met a few and most of them talk damn big and highly of the themselves at start but when want to get winnings cannot make it even for a few handed dollars. So bros beware!
Re: Beware of unauthorize agent !!!

This has become a problem of every gambler. You don't know if it's a real authorize agent or a fake one. That is why most of the time I just played with reputable casino or if it's a new casino to me I check their review first before making any transactions.